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Gentlemen's Agreement

Nov 19, 2021

On this week episode of Gentlemen's Agreement Podcast, good friend of the show, Kodak305, came by SpeakEasy studios to talk shit with us! The guys get into Marvel Comics, Bam's Chinese friend at work, Kodak's Reality TV gigs, Government politics from Obama's administration, Kyle Rittenhouse case, Sophia Urista pissing at the Brass Against show, Kodak's NYC stories as a kid, Spiderman Trailer, Scorpion attacks in Egypt, Sports talk, Kanye West, Mogero's TERRIBLE HipHop takes, Black & White in society, the ridiculous "Woke Movement" and MANY MORE conversations that will trigger "Woke" white women & cucks! Tell a friend to tell a friend about Gentlemen's Agreement Podcast