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Gentlemen's Agreement

Jun 15, 2021

On this week episode, Big Tubbs, from Oblivious Bias podcast, joins in on Gentlemen Agreement to fill in for dB Cutlass while he’s out of town. The guys talk NFL, living in a different reality, Tubbs work ethic & goals, cryptocurrency, Marvel, Mogero doin pull ups, mechanic thieves and many more shit.

Jun 8, 2021

On this week episode, friend of the show, Jimmy, joins the crew to discuss dB's upcoming new video, HipHop & Nas discography, Elliot Page's transformation, the N word, Tarantino movies, cheating & monogamous relationships, parenting, Mog being alone, racial slurs and many more topics that crew must hide from their...

Jun 1, 2021

On this week episode, the Gentlemen Pod talks about if they had to live life without a penis (Pause), Israel & Palestine conflict, Joe Budden Network, Watching live sports, Bam vs NY Jets fans, NBA Playoffs, Boxing, Organized Crime, dealing with Police Officers and many more conversations that will eventually get...